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We kindly ask you to read the rules of living

in order to avoid possible misunderstandings during your stay in the hostel.

The hostel is designed for temporary stay of guests. After the end of the term for which the place was reserved, the Guest must vacate the space or extend the stay in agreement with the hostel administration. The hostel’s mode of operation is 24/7.

  1. Check in time: from 14:00. Subject to availability, the Guest may be checked in before the check-in time (early check-in) at an additional cost of 50% of the cost of space per day.
  2. Check out time: before 12:00. Subject to availability, the hostel’s administration has the right to grant the Guest the right to leave after checkout time (late check out), from 12:00 to 18:00 at an additional charge of 50% of the place’s cost per day, from 18:00 to the set checkout time for an additional fee of 100% of the cost of space per day. Day of stay in the hostel is calculated from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day (regardless of the time of arrival).
  3. By the time of check-in Guest must make payment for accommodation. Pre-booking a stay of more than 3 days for one guest or group of more than five people per day provides for a mandatory advance payment of 25% of the total cost of the entire stay in the hostel. In case of non-arrival, the prepayment is not refundable. If during his stay at the hostel the Guest decided to shorten his stay, he must inform the administrator at least 24 hours before the intended departure. If the order of early departure from the hostel is not observed, a penalty in the amount of the cost of one night stay is charged.
  4. Check-in to the hostel is possible only if the guests have an identity document. Accommodation in the hostel for children under 18 years old is provided only with accompanying over 18 years old.
  5. At the request of the guest room can be provided to him entirely, subject to full payment of the cost of all places in the room.
  6. Payment for accommodation and services in the hostel is carried out at prices set by the administration of the hostel.
  7. The room price includes bed linen, a face towel and the possibility of using a locker.
  8. At the request of the guest, additional services are provided, according to the price list, the laundry service, towels and slippers are approved by the hostel’s administration.
  9. To store things in the hostel, special boxes are provided in the rooms (use is included in the price, the key is issued at a security cost of 50 UAH) and safes are located in the living room.For the loss of the key to the locker, a fine is 50 UAH (the deposit is not refundable). For the loss of the key to the safe, a fine is 150 UAH.
  10. The administration keeps the forgotten things for 7 days.
  11. In order to ensure the safety of guests in common areas video surveillance is conducted.
  12. The guest in the hostel is obliged to: follow the rules of accommodation in the hostel; maintain cleanliness in the living rooms, public areas – kitchen, recreation room, bathrooms; strictly observe the rules of fire safety; turn off the main lighting after 23:00; keep quiet in the hostel from 22:00 to 8:00; indemnify in case of loss or damage to the hostel property; maintain order in the kitchen, wash the dishes; when leaving the hostel to return the key, bed linen and towels in proper form.
  13. It is strictly prohibited in the hostel: to leave unauthorized persons in the living rooms, as well as to give them the keys to the living room; store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, narcotic drugs; eat in the room; keep animals and birds; drink alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages, stay on the hostel territory under the influence of alcohol or drugs; disturb the guests staying in the hostel; smoke on the premises of the hostel.
  14. The hostel administration reserves the right to prematurely suspend the guest’s stay and evict him if he is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other types of intoxication or if the hostel’s rules and / or public order are violated without refund of money, including next day.
  15. The hostel carries out sanitary cleaning of the premises once a day from 11:00.
  16. The administration of the hostel is not responsible for the work of city communications (emergency shutdown of light, water, heat).
  17. In the absence of a guest at the place of residence for more than 24 hours (according to the checkout time), the hostel administration has the right to compile an inventory of the absent Guest’s property and transfer it to storage, with the storage charge imposed on the Guest according to the price list approved by the hostel administration.
  18. In the event of complaints by the Guest, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict.

Enjoy your stay!